Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing much about me :)

Hi, Hi n Hi, .. urm, oke. i'm ezah. nice to know all of you. ngee. Actually i dunno where to begin, what to write on and what to share with.. i'm a very simple person, can be faddy sometimes. hee. proud to tell you that i live i a very happy family . (love mommy and daddy sooo much) . i love this two babies, darwisy durrani n iris humaira ( my niece n nephew). ouh ya, forgot to tell you that i currently studying at cfs iium, nilai . taking bachelor of english. i do njoy my course but i hate nilai ! duhh. why?? 1. difficult to find such a very cold weather, OMG! soo hott.throughout this 4 months, i've got fever about two times and suffering from cough continuously. err, so sick.  2. nilai always got water supply problem. 3.the food was not tasty . huh! 

i hope i'll be delivered to Gombak soon, curious to explore more.. hehe. Urmm,it's enough i guess. do njoy and often visit my blog yaa :) Lots of love :)


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