Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hey hey buddies ! How's life ? Happy ?? GREATTTTTT ! Glad to hear that.. Me ? I'm doing fine, never felt better . . Waaa, such a very long time i haven't update my blog since i was so busy and have lots thing to do :) For how many hours we haven't meet? 208 hours,23 minutes and 18 seconds maybe ? Hihihi, just forget about it. Hmm, never realise that i'm now at NILAI ! Struggle for my sem 2 ! Don't ask me about the P*****R ! It was sucked ! On 22 of 0ct 2010, i let my tears down down and down until i could not think what have to do and where should i start again and arghhhhh.. *sigh*. Thanks to my MY SAYANG for his full support to me. AND AND AND thanks to my beloved parents because they accepted this openly and never made me down and of course never mad me regarding to this result..Seriously i've tried my best but it's still not worth it. It means i have to struggle more and more to improve my result and score for this new sem.


You... Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !
I love that teddy very much , i appreciate all ur gifts even just a tin of chrysanthenum tea ! Hee .
Sneakers + money box + teddy +purse . I'll take a very good care of you my dearie !
You make me happy, it is not based on your gifts, it is about HEART and FEELINGS ! If i've given a chance, i will not hurt you even a little . . Still, i can't because i'm not a perfect one, i always make mistakes. . AND youuuu... are the best ! You.. are my life + hope .. What else ? Sume you lahhh . . Hihihi.


Will i be successful ?
Will i be a good muslimah ?
Will i get what i want ?
Will i be a fair person for my life ?
Will i get married ? HAHA
Will i be a person who can please everyone ?
Will i be a good daughter to my parents?
Will i make everyone happy ?
Will i leave all my bad attitudes ?
Will i make my desires come true ?

Will i......... make all this happen in this few years ?

Whether i will or not, i'm still hoping for it :) INSYAALLAH !

Almost 10.00 suda, i have to stop here,
Wondering how my classes for tomorrow, adakah still cam aryne ? Pergi pergi lec xde. Hii.
Ok lahh, c yaa friends ! SELAMAT MALAM :)
Have a nice day ever. .

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