Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ello !

Today, i;m having my breakfast quite early . Feelin sooo hungry i guess, hee ! Urm, what to tell yeap? nothing interesting today ,maybe its still early. I'm pretty sure my friends are still sleeping right now ! Haha !WAKE UP WAKE UP FRIENDS !! i still remember the moment where they sleep until noon during the weekend , n me too ! waking up at 2 p.m is a normal thing for me while been at the dorm . HEHE ! Ouh ya, i'm thinking about RIEN ! How is she? is she ok? i always praying for your good health dear :) May blessing will be always around you ! Ahaa, where can i find the ChickenSoup book?? at terengganu please . anybody? which bookstore?? i wish i could have one. . it is a very very good book, easy to understand AND suitable for teens. . It tells us about suicide, abuse and so on . . Urm, bosan laa. nanti saya conteng conteng balik blog ni oke :) c yaa. have fun buddies !

TIME:: 10.00 A.M                                                                                                                                      

Sekarang dah malam , ohmygod ! ngantuk nyeee! Petang tadi x sempat nak write on something , Hee ! 
Xde ape nak cakap kot. Oh ye, ramai yang tak taw camne nak jadi follower saya. Xpee, just visit blog ni pon da oke taw, nanti saya ajar camne nak jadi follower ok? HEHE. .  Hmm,ok lah i'm off now, tc frens ! lots of love ! :) C ya tomorrow insyaALLAH . . SELAMAT MALAM SEMUA :)     

TIME :: 10.59 P.M

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hunnynanie :) said...

asal ckp sal umh tgge dorm kt cni nehh?
luckily,im not included!
happy blogging!
come n visit mine..

miss yaa gurl <3

IceAddicted said...

Nani xpe, u bgun awal. Hee. mcjah??Hehe, insyaALLAH . i will. be my follower dear !

IceAddicted said...

Opps sory ! MISS you too :)

hunnynanie :) said...